The best-known representatives of this rock music from the Sahara and the Sahel, also called desert blues or Asuf, are: 

TINARIWEN – Deserts (Mali)

FRONT MAN - Ibrahim Ag Alhabib „Abaraybone“ (Guitar,Lead Vocals)
Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni „Catastrophe“  (Guitar)
Alhassane Ag Touhami „Aharr“ (Rhythm, Guitar)
Abdallah Ag Lamida „Intidao“ (Guitar)
Elaga Ag Hamid (Guitar; younger Member)
Eyadou Ag Leche (Bass; younger Member)
Said Ag Ayad (Percussion, Guitar; younger Member)

Founding Member:
Ibrahim Ag Alhabib
Inteyeden Ag Ablil (1994, Dead)
Since 1980s:
Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni
Mohammed Ag Itlale „Japonais“
Alhassane Ag Touhami
Liya Ag Ablil

Female Singer: 
Mina Walet Oumar (now married in Hamburg)
Wonou Walet Sidati (now with Tamikrest)
Kesa Walet Hamid

2002: The Radio Tisdas Sessions
2004: Amassakoul  (Traveller)
2007: Aman Iman (Water is life)
2008: Tinariwen Live In London (dvd)
2009: Imidiwan (Friends)
2011: Tassili (PLATEAU IN ALGERIA)

2014: Emmaar (Heat)

2012: Grammy Awards

The band was formed in the 1980s in Tamanrasset (Algeria).

They played initially at weddings, baptisms and other festivals and are known then by the spread of their music on cassette in the Sahara region. Original name of the band - Taghreft Tinariwen (Group of the desert).

 More well known Tuareg bands or musicians (alphabetical):


Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou

Artists of Takrist n' Akal:
Abdallah Oumbadougou (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Bilalan Ag Ganta Moussa (Guitar)
Rissa Ag Wanaghli (Guitar; now with Atri N’Assouf)
Ibrahim Ag Mohamed (Drums, Tinde)

Founding Members:
Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou, Ouma Emaghy, Adam Hamadi, Alhassane Lamine, Sidi Mohamed Imilawet, Atouwa Eggour, Taboula Hiar, Hassane Takaradaït, Adou Oumbarek und Zoubir Hamid.

2002 : Imawalen (Herder)
2004 : Afrikya
2005 : "desert rebel"
2012: Zozadinga

‪ He was born in 1962 in the vicinity of Agadez (Niger) and in 1984 he went to Tamanrasset, and began playing guitar for friends.
In 1986, he founded the first group Takrist n' Akal (building of the country) in Libya.
He has been arrested several times in the Niger.
He has contributed music in the film "Ishumars, les rockers oubliés du désert" 2007 and in the film of 1996 " Imuhar, une légende".
In 2000, he founded a music school in Arlit and in 2003 in Agadez.
Since 2005, the collective "desert rebel"

Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla/Etran Finatawa (Niger)

‪ Guitarist for ETRAN Finatawa, who launched at the Festival de desert in 2004.

In 2012, first Soloalbum "Anewal" 

ATRI N`ASSOUF - Star of the Solitude (NIGER)

Akal - Land


Rissa Ag Wanaghi (Guitar/ Lead vocals)
Alain Plume (Percussion)
Mohamed Bilalan
Ahmed Cissé
Toulou Kiki Bilal (Backing Vocals)

Rissa Wanaghi went from Arlit (Niger) to Tamanrasset in 1993 and learned to play the guitar. Abdallah AG Oumbadougou, his uncle, is his teacher. First member in 1994 at Takrist n Akal, then 2006 desert rebel.


Goumar Almoctar

2004: Agamgam
2009: Guitars from Agadez, Vol. 2 (Group Bombino)
2011: Agadez
2013: Nomad (erschien im April)

‪ He was born in Agadez (Niger) in 1980.
He is nephew of Rissa IXA, well-known Tuareg painter, who gave him his first guitar.
He was a member oft he band from Håja Bebe, where he get his nickname Bombino (Italian: child) because he was the youngest and smallest of the Group.
In 1996, he landed a role in the film "Imuhar: une legend".
In 2006, he toured with the Band Tidawt in California.
In 2008 he was Angelina Jolie BB´s guide in Niger.
2007 first fought in the rebellion, but then went into exile in Burkina Faso.
2009 was made the documentary "Agadez, the music and the rebellion" about Bombino.


Hasso Akotey & Alassane Foungounou : Thidit (Truth)
2000: Hasso Akotey & Oumara : Azaman (Time)
2003: Hasso Akotey & Alassane Foungounou : Tarha (Passion)
2009 Tidawt: Amawal (Veil)

From the family of Mano Dayak.
1994 Co-Founder from Tidawt ( i.a. with Oumar al Moctar dit "Bombino", Alhassane Foungounou)

IMARHAN - Sick People (Algeria)

2016 Imarhan

Front man: Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane (Sadam)
Hachim Ag Abdelkader, Tahar Ag Kaddor, Kada Ag Chanani, Hicham Ag Boubas ,Habibalah Ag Azouz

The artists were born in Tamanrasset and the Band was also founded  in Tamanrasset .  Tinariwen bass player Eyadou Ag Leche is  Sadam's cousin and supports the band.

KEDOU (Mali)

Kedou Ag Ossad;  "Khiwaj" (Giant)

Founding Member of Tinariwen and in 2007 founding member of Terakaft (untill 2008).

KEL ASSOUF - People /Spirit of the solitude

2010: Tin Hinane (She, from the tents)

Anana Harouna / Niger (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Abdelwahab Hakem / Algeria (Percussion)
Mama Walet Amoumeine / Mali (Backing Vocals)
Olivier Crespel / France (Guitar)
Youba Dia /Mauretania (Bass)
Esinam Dogbaste / Belgium, Ghana (Flute, Percussion)
Kalifa Koné / Mali (Percussion)

The band was founded in 2006 in  Bruselle. Anana Harouna (Gitar / Vocal) iis the founder  and he is born in Agadez (Niger).


Koudede Abdoulaye Ag Amud

Artists from Inerane:
Front man - Bib Ahmed (Guitar)
Koudede (Guitar)  Died on the 28.10.2012 at a car accident in Niger.

Abdulai Sidi Mohamed (Bass)
Mohamed Atchinguel (Drums)
Adi Mohamed (Guitar; killed in rebellion)

Album Koudede:
2004: Amghar-d’ana (Old man / Father ...)
2006: Alam’i  (My camel)
2012: Guitars from Agadez – vol. 5

Album Inerane:
2011: Guitars From Agadez Vol. 4
2010: Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3

‪ Born in Agadez (Niger), grew up in Arlit (Niger).
Member of the Group Inerane.

Les Filles De Illighadad  (Niger)

Front Women:  Fatou Seidi Ghali (+Guitar) and Alamnou Akrouni

Two cousins from the village Illighadad in Niger.

MDOU Moctar (Niger)

2013 Afelan

- Anar
- Tahoultine (Greetings)
Mdou Moctar is a guitarist, born in  Tchin-Tabaradene (Niger).


Mohamed Ahar

2003: Tina (Speaking)
2009: Tandja est grave ma guitar est désaccordée

‪Born in 1963 in Ingall (Niger).
Younger brother of ABDALLAH OUMBADOUGOU.
He got his nickname BOB because of his hairstyle.
Co-founder of the Group Imawalanes.


FRONT MAN - Ousmane Ag Mossa (Composition, Lead Vocals, Guitar)
Aghaly Ag Mohamedine (Drums, Percussion)
Cheikh Ag Tigly (Bass)
Mossa Ag Borayba (Guitar)
Mossa Ag Ahmed (Guitar)
Ibrahim Ahmed dit Pino (Calabash)

Backing Vocals:
Wonou Walet Sidati (from Tinariwen)
Fatma Walette Cheikhe
Bassa Walette Abdamou

2009: Adagh (Region in Nordmali)
2010: Toumastin (my Being)
2011: Live 2011
2013: Chatma (female Kinship

‪ Pino, Cheikh and Ousmane after joint guitar workshop founded the group in 2006.
(Went together to school in in Tinzaouweten, Mali)
In 2008 first meeting with Dirtmusic (Peter Weber; current Manager) at the "Festival au desert"(Mali) "
In 2010 first Europe tour

TAssilaWen – Plateaus (Algeria)

Bakrin Timlfati, Cheikh Taberni , Abdelwahab Tonnsu, Manou Othmani, Sliman Mefatih, Youssef Herouini, Khamed Kdaou, Oumeya Tagabou

2013 AghregHe ImuHar
2012 TouMastin 

The group was founded in 2008. It involves artists from the region of Djanet in southern Algeria.


FRONT MAN - Liya Ag Ablil (alias Diara) (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Sanou Ag Ahmed (Guitar)
Abdallah Ag Ahmed (Bass, Guitar)
Mathias Vaguenez (Drums)

In the past: Diara and Inteyeden Ag Ablil, Diara’s brothers.
Recent: Diara, Sanou and Abdallah.

2007: Bismilla, the Bko Sessions
2008: Akh Issudar (Milk fed)
2009: Terakaft Live 2008
2010: Aratan n Azawad (Children of the Azawad (Region in Nordmali))
2012: Kel Tamasheq (People of  Tamascheq)

Founded in 2001 by SANOU AG Ahmed.
Cooperation with Keddou AG Ossad until 2008.
Since 2006 also Liya AG Ablil (aka Diara) Sanous uncle
2007 first European tour with Rhissa AG Oghram as bassist (until 2008).
Since 2008? Jean - Louis Livenais (from Akeikoi).
2008 Abdallah AG Ahmed, bassist (SANOU's younger brother)
2009-2010, Khaled Ibrahim (aka Tohandy), drummer.
Since 2010 Mathias Vagunez (also by Akeikoi) drummer.

TOUMAST – Being (Niger)

Artists (i.a.)
Moussa Ag Keyna
Aminatou Goumar

2006: Ishumar (young Tuareg)
2009: Amachal (Message)

Founded in the 1980s by Moussa AG Keyna.
In 1993, Moussa went to France.
Aminatou Goumar joined later.
2010 participating in the documentary film "TOUMAST - entre guitare et Kalashnikov"


Further Groups (i.a.):

Nabil Baly Othmani (Son of Baly Othmani), Ibrahim Djo, Amanar, Takamba Super 11 and Tilwat.