The Nomads of the Sahara

On this webpage the nomads in Southern Algeria are mainly presented. They call themselves Imuhar and not Tuareg.

Parents and their children live as nuclear-family units in tents, and they travel with their goat and camel herds and other tent units in irregular patterns through the extreme environment of the Central Sahara.Wide fluctuations in temperature shape the arid climate here. During winter nights it can drop to below zero, while during winter days it can climb to as high as 30 °C. On summer days the temperature can reach over 50 °C. The amount of precipitation averages no more than 100 mm per year.

Although nomadic lifestyles are endangered in parts of the world, the Imuhar nomads remain a very vital group of nomads (Fischer 2010).


Livestock of the Sahara Nomads: